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Olala Homes Announces Opening of Olala La Florida Suites in Barcelona

Barcelona, November 15, 2023 — Olala Homes announces the opening of its latest building, Olala La Florida Suites, located just outside Barcelona and with easy access to the city centre and attractions. This contemporary and meticulously designed accommodation promises a modern hospitality experience while preserving the functionality of every space.

Olala La Florida Suites

Featuring a distinct contemporary interior design, Olala La Florida Suites redefines the way guests experience Barcelona. Each suite has been thoughtfully curated, focussing on modern aesthetics without compromising neither comfort nor functionality. The accommodation is a tribute to the city’s avant-garde spirit.

Key Highlights of Olala La Florida Suites:

  • Diversified options: Olala La Florida Suites introduces five brand-new units to the company’s growing portfolio, providing even more versatile and tailored choices to meet guests’ needs.
  • Accessibility: To reaffirm the company’s commitment to inclusivity, one of the suites was designed to accommodate persons with disabilities, providing accessible features such as easy to navigate spaces and an accessible bathroom.
  • Seamless digital experience: In line with Olala Homes’ brand of offering contactless experiences to guests, Olala La Florida Suites also implements state-of-the-art technology that prioritises both convenience and safety. With self-check-in methods, easy digital communication, and a contactless service.

Olala Homes’ commitment to excellence is mirrored in Olala La Florida Suites. This location represents a familiar market for the company, having initiated its operations in Barcelona back in 2014 with just three apartments. Since then, Olala Homes has expanded at an unprecedented pace, currently managing over 500 units in 8 different markets across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The establishment of Olala La Florida Suites stands as a testament to Olala Homes’ unwavering commitment to the city, as the company persists in its service to the local community and its expansion within it.

Olala Homes is actively expanding its property portfolio. Should you need to discuss our opportunities of transforming your hospitality assets into modern and digital concepts, please send your inquiry.

For further press inquiries, please contact: press@olalahomes.com

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