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Olala Homes Announces Q2 Openings, Development Projects, and Expansion to New Destinations

Barcelona, July 04, 2023 — Olala Homes, a leading provider of short- and mid-term rentals, is delighted to share its second-quarter achievements, including new openings, development projects, and the launch of two new destinations. These accomplishments not only strengthen the company’s presence in key markets but also demonstrate their commitment to delivering exceptional accommodations and outstanding guest experiences while providing great results to their partners.

New Openings

During Q2, the company accomplished impressive milestones within the expansion of its portfolio with the opening of several new units across various cities:

Kicking off the Q2 2023, Olala Homes announced the launch of Olala Granada Suites. Featuring 19 newly renovated rooms, this building marked the brand’s expansion to a new market in Granada thus consolidating its already strong presence in Spain. The opening of this new building entailed the full renovation of a hotel in order to fully explore the potential of the building. This asset was a true reflection of the company’s capacity to undertake complex development projects and carry them successfully.

With three new locations in Barcelona, Olala Homes reaffirms once again its footprint in the city where it first started its operations almost a decade ago. These new locations, broaden their portfolio offer to guests providing them with unparalleled location and spaces that were designed to be functional, comfortable and stylish.

Q2 also saw the launch of 8 new units in Lisbon, Portugal. Located in an already operating building, Olala Lisbon Oriente Studios incorporates 15 new units to the company’s already impressive portfolio in Lisbon. Offering guests more accommodation options, Olala Lisbon Oriente Suites is a solid commitment to continue to expand operations within the city.

Adding to the company’s presence in the Middle East, Olala Homes has extended its footprint by opening a brand new building in a newly launched destination: Haifa, Israel. With 19 new units and an unmatched location near the city’s main attractions, Olala Carmel Suites offers its guests a unique experience. The accommodation includes functional spaces, modern amenities and a full smart experience from the very beginning.

New Taipei City
Olala Homes continues to enhance its presence in Asia with the introduction of six new units in their already operating building: Olala Lin Apartments. These additional units provide an excellent opportunity for guests to experience the vibrant life of New Taipei City while enjoying the comforts of home.

Additionally, the company also announced their collaboration with two businesses that help enhance the guest experience. Their partnership with Ooh Cha Cha, a café with a great offer of delicious vegan meals, offers guests a special discount throughout their stay as well as a complimentary welcome drink, which adds a caring touch to their stay. Secondly, the company’s collaboration with The Happ ensures that their guests have a comfortable space they can work from comfortably.

In Q2, Olala Homes unveiled three new locations in the picturesque coastal town of Cascais, Portugal. These carefully curated units offer guests a relaxing haven where they can unwind in their visit to Portugal. With their prime location with easy access to the city centre as well as the beach, and inviting interiors, Olala Homes proves once again their ability to turn their assets into unique and unforgettable stays.

Finally, the company also extended their presence in Greece by introducing two new locations in Athens. This addition allows guest to indulge in the ancient city while staying in a space that truly feels like home, but with modern amenities and a full smart experience.

Apartment Uplifts

Olala Homes is committed to continue improving and enhancing guest experiences. During Q2 2023, the company embarked in three major development projects to enhance the functionality of operating assets:

With a fresh new look, these projects further elevate the experience of investors through increased customer attraction and conversion rates, and also the guest experience by offering more options for guests to choose from within the company’s assets.

Olala Homes’ impressive growth and commitment to delivering unparalleled guest experiences make it an attractive investment opportunity. With its expanding portfolio, strategic locations, and dedication to quality, the company continues to position itself as a strong competitor in the market within the hospitality industry.

Olala Homes is actively expanding its property portfolio. Should you need to discuss our opportunities of transforming your hospitality assets into modern and digital concepts, please send your inquiry.

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