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Olala Homes Expands Its Horizon with a New Opening in Calella

Barcelona, August 3rd, 2023 — Olala Homes, a prominent hospitality company, announces its latest expansion into the captivating coastal town of Calella, Spain. This exciting development comprises five exquisite accommodations, further enhancing Olala Homes’ presence in coastal destinations across Spain.

Having recently established a strong presence in locations like Granada and Haifa, the company sets its sights on Calella, recognizing the town’s immense potential as a sought-after destination for travelers seeking exceptional beauty and relaxation along the Spanish coast.

Calella, with its stunning natural beauty and serene ambience, has been recognized by Olala Homes as an emerging gem for travelers seeking a blend of relaxation and cultural exploration. Its close proximity to Barcelona and Costa Brava makes it an ideal choice for those looking to embark on a captivating weekend trip while enjoying the comforts of this exceptional property.

Olala Calella Apartments

Olala Calella Apartments marks a significant milestone for the company, signifying more than just a mere acquisition. The venture represents a major reformation effort that showcases Olala Homes’ unwavering commitment to excellence. This endeavor involves a meticulous collaboration between the talented teams of designers and architects. The company’s ambitious reformation creates an alluring space for unforgettable guest experiences along the Spanish coastline, reinforcing its position as a hospitality trailblazer.

Roi Zucker, Head of Business Development and Expansion Department states: “Acquired directly from the constructor, this property boasts high-quality finishing and modern design, making it an exciting addition that opens up another new market. What sets this property apart is its rarity in Calella – a product that perfectly aligns with our vision and stands out in the area. The reason behind the opening includes its high demand, beautiful beaches, a vibrant atmosphere, and excellent connectivity to Barcelona.

Olala Homes is actively expanding its property portfolio. Should you need to discuss our opportunities of transforming your hospitality assets into modern and digital concepts, please send your inquiry.

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