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Olala Homes Sustainability Update Q2 2023

Barcelona, July 27th, 2023 — Olala Homes is proud to announce its latest sustainability update through the launch of the ‘Power Down, Rise Up!’ campaign. This initiative reflects Olala Homes’ commitment to minimising its environmental impact while empowering local communities.

Environmental initiatives

‘Power Down, Rise Up!’ campaign
With the objective of curbing energy consumption by 10%, Olala Homes has introduced the ‘Power Down, Rise Up!’ campaign. As part of this initiative, a percentage of the proceedings will be destined to support Energía Sin Fronteras, a Spanish nonprofit organisation dedicated to providing renewable energy solutions to underserved communities.

Energy saving
Olala Homes has partnered with Alfred Smart, an cutting-edge system that utilises motion sensors to automatically turn off lights and air conditioning during the day if guests forget to do so themselves. This innovative approach not only promotes energy conservation but also enhances the overall guest experience. In addition to this initiative, the company is also implementing the use of renewable energy sources in 73% of its Spanish properties and 100% of Portuguese properties.

Water conservation
Olala Homes has implemented water-saving faucets throughout its properties to conserve water and promote responsible usage. By making this small yet significant change, the company aims to make a positive impact on the environment and raise awareness among guests about the importance of water conservation.

Social initiatives

Diversity & Inclusion
At Olala Homes, diversity is celebrated and cherished. The company proudly has a workforce in which 69% of employees are women. Moreover, Olala Homes employs professionals from 30 different nationalities contributing to a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Envera Partnership
Olala Homes has established a partnership with Envera, a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering people with intellectual disabilities and functional diversity. Through this collaboration, Olala Homes aims to create meaningful opportunities and foster a more inclusive society.

Community Engagement
Olala Homes actively encourages its guests to engage with local communities during their stay. By providing each guest with a comprehensive guest guide to facilitate cultural exchange and support of local businesses, the company is committed to promoting sustainable tourism practices that benefit both travellers and host communities.

With the ‘Power Down, Rise Up!’ campaign and a comprehensive set of sustainability initiatives, Olala Homes is taking impressive strides in the hospitality industry to promote environmental consciousness and social responsibility among employees, partners and guests.


For more information about the compay’s sustainability initiatives and their ongoing efforts to make a positive impact in the industry, read the Olala Homes’ Sustainability Guide.

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