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As a hospitality firm, Olala Homes acknowledges the significance of adopting sustainable practices and promoting responsible tourism. By implementing initiatives that safeguard the planet, empower our team, and contribute to the well-being of the local communities, we aim not only to minimize our environmental footprint but also to generate a positive ripple effect.

Team empowerment

At Olala Homes, we focus on nurturing interpersonal relationships in every aspect of our brand, reflecting our unwavering commitment to inclusiveness and gender equality in the workplace. Our brand’s DNA is a testament to the collective contributions and varied perspectives of each of our team members.


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Environmental protection

Olala Homes is dedicated to incorporating eco-friendly elements into our accommodations. Through deliberate choices and the adoption of cutting-edge solutions, we strive to have a meaningful impact on our operations. Our commitment includes the installation of water-saving faucets, reliance on renewable energy sources, and responsible waste management.

As an innovative and forward-thinking company, sustainability is part of our DNA. We have developed best practices that help our partners to have a better visibility on the main OTAs as well as control and reduce their energy cost. And guests love it!

Morvan Le Boulanger
PMO & Head of Sustainability